SKULPTURI 2007-2013

This book contains extensive photo documentation of all of SKULPTURI’s exhibition activities from 2007-2013, with a focus on a matter-of-fact documentation, displayed in a democratic and chronologically non-preferential sequence of exhibitions.

Texts: Julie Damgaard, Magnus Thorø Clausen
Photogray: Erling Lykke Jeppesen, Iben Bølling Kaufmann, Jens Linde
Translation: Dan A. Marmorstein
Graphic Design: Åse Eg

Copenhagen 2014, 220 pages, ill., 21 x 27,50 cm, Softcover,
Danish/English. ISBN 978-8-77669-057-1. hurricane-publishing


Exhibition cataloque. NOT AT HOME, Viborg Kunsthal 2015

Preface - Helene Nyborg Bay, director Viborg Kunsthal
Not at home - Veo Friis Jespersen, Heine Kjærgaard Klausen, Mikael Thejll, Skulpturi

When the door closes - Carsten Schøtt Philipsen, External Associated Professor
The Potential of temporary space - Gitte Mikkelsen, senior ethnologist
The link between the very near and the very far: Some thoughts on mobility, transcience and the sense of place - Carsten Thau, Professor. Institute Architecture and Culture.

Photogray: Martin Schubert. 
Translation: Glen Garner
Graphic Design: Henning Guddahl
Cover: Mikael Thejll

Copenhagen 2015, 155 pages, ill., 21,50 x 24 cm, Softcover,
Danish/English. ISBN 978-87-997397-0-7. SKULPTURI, Viborg Kunsthal




Exhibition cataloque. OP I LIMNINGEN, 2008

Text: Magnus Thorø Clausen

Graphic Design: Magnus Thorø Clausen, Anders Bonnesen

Copenhagen 2080, 32 pages, ill., 14,50 x 21 cm, Softcover, Danish